Waltex Biotec Sdn Bhd was formed on February 27, 2006 by our founders Steven S.H. Cheong and Yap Y.K, after six (6) successful years of researching, cultivating and propagating Phalaenopsis, aiming to revolutionise the agriculture industry in Malaysia.




What started small, with hobbyists growing collections of orchids at their backyard for decades, has grown into the largest Phalaenopsis orchid grower in Malaysia. With the passion of growing beautiful, but highly elusive Phalaenopsis orchid, Steven S.H. Cheong and Yap Y.K, began their journey of researching, cultivating and propagating Phalaenopsis orchid to eventually establishing Waltex Biotec Sdn Bhd on the 27th of February, 2006.

The “World of Phalaenopsis” was built on a 6-acre agricultural land located at Ulu Yam. 3 years later, a second farm was built at Gohtong Jaya, Genting Highlands with a total growing area of 1.6 acres and has since become the largest Phalaenopsis orchid grower in Malaysia.

To unleash the full potential of our farm business, Waltex Biotec Sdn Bhd then opened both farms for public visit. We pride ourselves on our abilities to assist and educate visitors about the orchid plant, and we hope visitors would gain better insight of the horticultures and appreciate the impacts of nature in enhancing human lifestyles.

We desire to step up the game and provide more than we could to our customers. With the aim of providing convenience and customisation, we established our first orchid boutique – Orchid Culture at Bangsar Shopping Centre on May 2013. Through Orchid Culture, we want to provide premium orchid arrangements by using only the finest quality orchids. In October 2015, we launched our second orchid boutique at The Gardens Mall and the third boutique at Damansara City Mall 2 years later.