Experience the satisfaction of seeing your plants bloom under your care. We do not know what type of flower you will be growing –it’s a surprise! We offer different varieties of seedlings from both hybrid and clone varieties with sizes ranging from 1″-3.5″.





Generally, fertiliser is the chemical compound that promotes plant growth. We believe in growing our plants in the healthiest condition and we hope our customers will also achieve the same results.

Here in World of Phalaenopsis, we apply high quality fertilisers to our plants. Rather than keeping this secret to ourselves, customers can purchase fertilisers from us.




Combination Plants

During special occasion or festive season, we have pre-made orchid collection that last for more than a month for you to impress your loved ones or acquaintances. We understand the satisfaction of creating your own orchids. We offer arrangement customisations where customers are able to choose from a variety of colours and pots based on their preferences. We also offer delivery service within Klang Valley.




Basket & Pot

Let your plants grow comfortably and stunningly in the right baskets and pots. We offer a variety of baskets, pots and accessories that can add beauty to your plants, garden and home.

Materials ranging from artstone, porcelain, glazed ceramic, plastic, glass, wood and clay.




Growing Media

After years of Research and Development, we found out that the great water retention and anti-septic properties of sphagnum moss give us the best possible result in terms of flexibility and growth. We use only the best quality resources to enhance the plant’s growing period.